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Crossroads Retreats is a charity founded in 2004 by Tim Harding, Chris Blakeley and Calvin Germain.  All highly experienced professional coaches, Tim, Chris and Calvin were at the time pioneering the use of retreats for senior executives to help them take time and space to think deeply about personal transitions.

Realising that there was nothing of this quality available for people outside of the corporate world, Tim, Chris and Calvin started running the retreats pro bono for those in need of similar personal time and space - people facing redundancy, career/life crossroads, personal crises, relationship issues etc. As the demand grew, they pulled together a network of professional coaches who volunteered to give their time for free to help run the retreats for those who would not otherwise be able to afford them - and so Crossroads Retreats was born.

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The 2 day retreats use well proven high quality development methods and are led by trained, experienced guides, many with their own professional practice.  The retreats have evolved and have been running successfully now for over 10 years and have helped many people make significant, successful changes in their lives. The underlying commitment behind the retreats remains unchanged - to provide a safe place where people can face and explore their personal questions, of whatever nature, without fear or judgement and, with practical help, to then move forward with new energy, clarity and purpose. 

Although Crossroads Retreats is run by Christians, there is no specifically Christian content in our programmes. We are here to help anyone, whatever their belief system.

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