Let the journey begin!

Step 7

Spend some time today looking back over the past 7 steps of this ‘New Year, New Start’ programme.

  • What new things have become apparent to you?day 7 - bridge
  • What movements/changes in your thinking have you noticed since you ‘took stock’ at Step 1?

If it's helpful, listen to this music as you ponder these questions.

Think about how your ‘map’ or ‘timeline’ will look at the end of 2014.  Write or draw the journey in your notebook.

Write down three steps that you will take during the next three weeks that will start you on the course you want your life to take this year.

Take the first one tomorrow!

We hope you have enjoyed and benefited from this short experience with Crossroads Retreats. Don't forget to give us your feedback via the 'New Year, New Start' home page.

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Step One - Take Stock

Step - Walk with It

Step Three - What do You Enjoy?

Step Four - What do You Have to Offer?

Step Five - How Would You Like to Grow in 2014?

Step Six - Make an Action Plan

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Whatever you decide, and wherever your journey takes you, may we wish you a very positive and fruitful 2014.