Finding Stillness

Finding Stillness 
A New Retreat from the Crossroads Community

Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible,without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly….   Max Ermann, Desiderata

Some comments from participants who attended our pilot retreat in April:

"The retreat was precisely what I needed – to journey personally along with a nourishing community…  it was a very rich experience"

"Very moving – I feel something has really shifted in me and I am going away with intent of “letting go”. Thank you for creating a safe and supportive environment"

The Retreat details

This retreat will run at Ascot Priory near Bracknell, Berkshire - our next retreat date is Thursday 31st October & Friday 1st November 2019.  The cost will be £275, which includes all meals, refreshments and overnight accommodation. If you would like to join us, please complete the applicaiton for below and pay your £50 deposit payment.

Finding Stillness retreat

 Below are a few more details about our new retreat:

Why a Finding Stillness Retreat?

For over 15 years we have been running crossroads retreats to support people through challenging decision-points in their lives. With hundreds of people now having benefited from the crossroads experience we are getting more and more enquiries about ongoing retreats from people who want to refresh the deep sense of inner peace and clarity they found on their first retreat.

‘Finding Stillness’ will provide that same unconditional Crossroads time and space; simply to pause, centre and take stock. It will be a retreat you can attend annually and will work for you wherever you are at in your life – whether good times, ensuring you don’t take things for granted, or difficult times, ensuring you don’t let things get on top of you. Most importantly it will also help you develop a personal practice that will help you sustain something of the ‘Crossroads space’ in your daily life.

The Retreat Principle in Daily Life

The core of the retreat process is developing a set of personal disciplines that enable us to stay centred in our true selves, irrespective of circumstance. It is about developing an inner freedom that stops us being a hostage of events, enabling us to respond with creativity, wisdom and love to the significant events and people in our lives. Our hope is to build a community of regular attendees who value the unique Crossroads ethos, bringing a richer level of engagement each year.

The Process of the Retreat

The retreat will provide you with a chance to step out of everyday life to reflect, with others, on your deeper purpose, values and relationships. You will develop the skill of being attentive to your experiencewhat is happening to you on the outside and how you are simultaneously responding on the inside. This will help you make clear choices about aligning your life with your true priorities.

It will equip you with practical methods you can use day to day: being truly present in the now, listening to the different levels of ‘knowing’ within yourself – head, heart and gut - and seeing people and situations as they really are, not how you wish them or fear them to be.

Who Will Benefit From It?

Everyone who has been on a Crossroads Retreat.  It will be of specific value if you:

  • Just have that sense of living a little bit ‘on the back foot’
  • Are sensing a desire to do some new things, break out of old habits
  • Are facing some changes that are causing you to ask some deeper questions of yourself
  • Face an important decision and need a bit of space to ground yourself before making it.

If you have questions, please email Michael Richardson at [email protected]