Looking for a different job?

Do you want (or need) a new job? How will you go about making the decision to step into a new role?

Welcome to the Crossroads 2-day retreat 

"A very powerful way of gathering our thoughts, energies, dreams & desires, casting out what’s stopping us & embracing what will support us" (2015 participant)

Discover, over an unhurried yet purposeful 2 days, how you can make good choices at this key decision point in your life. 

The Crossroads 2-day retreat includes sharing and group reflection, as well as quiet personal space. It's a chance to step out of everyday life to reflect, with others, on your goals and dreams, your values and your relationships.

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"It has been a wonderful opportunity to take time to evaluate my priorities in life and to set goals for the future – challenging and yet a very positive outcome" (2015 participant)

"The crossroads I have come to at the moment is still ahead of me, but I know better how to make a decision.  I have got the skills to step out and be confident." (2015 participant)

We look forward to welcoming you.