Relationship Crossroads

When relationships become strained or break down it can be a really difficult time for all involved, especially when it's time to make firm decisions about your future and what you need to thrive.

Fear can close down options and make it hard to see the wood for the trees.

For more than a decade we've worked with hundreds of people like you who are in the midst of these huge life changes, sometimes chosen and sometimes forced upon them, we've journeyed with people to help them make good decisions:

"A very powerful way of gathering our thoughts, energies, dreams & desires, casting out what's stopping us & embracing what will support us" (2015 participant)

We've condensed some of our experience into a free, short mini-course, which will help you think through your situation well. Fill in your details by following the link on the right and we'll send you an email a day for the next five days, walking you through our process for making good decisions in the midst of a career change.

A little more about Crossroads Retreats.

We are a UK based charity and we've been running 2-day guided retreats since 2004. We want to make the professional coaching we deliver to the highest levels in the corporate world available to everyone.