People's stories

Here is what some of those who have been on a Crossroads Retreat have said: 

“What I took away from the change walk process was that there are lots of ways to look at change and often the biggest problem is not the potential change but our resistance to engage with it or consider it. Now I have a much greater awareness of my core process I am looking to shape my new role to my strengths as it develops. I am not sure I would have been so open minded about the career step I have just taken had I not come on the retreat.”


“What I experienced on my retreat was deeply personal of course but it was also a surprisingly liberating experience, shared with generous, non-judgemental human beings.  The group sessions in particular proved what I now know to be vital opportunities to share and allow yourself to let go of the issues being faced.  I remember sitting in a lovely armchair on the afternoon of the final day when it occurred to me that what I was experiencing was something rare; an opportunity to be free, to be me, to simply be, with none of the hang ups I usually feel in open society.

I came away feeling that everyone should have the opportunity to experience a Crossroads Retreat.  Thank you to everyone who was there for me!”


“I found the retreat to be a truly liberating experience and exactly what I needed at exactly the right time.  Although the question I had applied with was barely addressed (my doing), I feel that something has genuinely awakened in me, and the process of letting go has accelerated greatly.  My original question is being answered through the process and I am in the moment, rather in awe of the world and its inhabitants.”


“Thank you so much, the retreat was absolutely wonderful – better than I could have anticipated. I feel rested and renewed and enthused about the new purpose in my life. I feel full of hope and energy to make the changes I want to make.  Thank you for such a life-changing experience!”


"I came to the Crossroads Retreat on the recommendation of a friend. I had left my job, dissatisfied with what I was doing, applied and interviewed for lots of things, but I was unsure where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do. The retreat was a time of things finding their place and perspective. I was touched by how kind and gentle the guides were, encouraging to be around and inspiring to listen to. They created the perfect environment for our group to open up and share about our lives' journeys.

Over the course of the two days I grew to feel grounded, connected to the time and place I was in. I could look back and see where I had come, who I was and what it had made of me, and this meant I could look forward too. I had become a stranger to some of myself. As I told my story and listened to others, I was reunited with the things that really brought me alive, what I was good at and where I wanted to go.

I didn't come out of the retreat knowing exactly what it was I was called to do or how to go about it, but I had learnt how to listen to myself and reflect on the course of my life. When I came home from the two days away there was a letter waiting, offering me a job which I took and love. Crossroads taught me a different way to move in life, a way to make decisions both big and small - I have carried this with me ever since."


"Since I did the retreat in March, I have left my career in fashion buying and I am now a Learning and Development Trainer in Dubai teaching all sorts, including emotional intelligence.  I also did 2 months this summer working in a youth ministry in Greece - the most amazing opportunity ever.  I would not have had the courage or self belief to have made all these changes without the course and for that I am SO thankful to the team."

Belinda (aged 25)

 Online course

"Thank you for sending to me the 13 week on-line retreat emails. The on-line retreat was well structured and prompted me to reflect on important aspects of life. I looked forward to Mondays when I received the emails."

Course participant, November 2011

 "I benefited from the retreat hugely, more than I had anticipated. Not least in that the "dilemma" I came with, wasn't really what I needed to deal with at all. I have come away strengthened to face up to certain things with greater confidence and acceptance, but equally renewed faith. It was a wonderful experience and a real source of blessing. THANK YOU."


"I attended a crossroads retreat as it had been recommended to me by a good friend of mine. At the time I had recently left the Army and was very much seeking direction in my life as to what I was going to do now.

On arriving I was made to feel very welcome by the guides putting me at ease. We had a wonderful group and we all got along exceedingly well which certainly helped as we all shared our stories and discussed in detail our personal circumstances.

I was very impressed with the guides; they were kind and encouraging and gave direction without being prescriptive. They helped to remind me of the things that are really important to me. I felt that things were stirring up in me which got me excited as I remembered some of the things that I am passionate about.

After two days which comprised of numerous activities, discussion, time for reflection and fabulous food, I sensed my pathway was becoming clearer, though still leaving me with options as to where to go now. I now feel much happier in myself and much more confident about facing the future which had previously seemed fairly uncertain."


“I retired three weeks ago and have found the act of retirement, rather than the anticipation, a transforming experience.  One of the things I have discovered is the mis-match between my core nature, skills and strengths and the demands of the work I have done for the last 40 years.  When you are in the workplace it is not as clear.  Every morning you get up put on the suit and the mask and trot off to the office without noticing that over the years there has been an increasing mis-alignment between the demands of the workplace and what you bring to it.

When I attended a Crossroads Retreat two years ago, the key moment was being asked to reflect on an occasion when I really felt I was doing something that was going well and using my talents to the full.  I have thought about that a lot since then.  It is becoming even clearer now I have stopped doing things that are the reverse of what I am good at.

If there was anything I would want to share, it is the importance of being honest about oneself, with oneself.  Then we can start to do what we have been designed to do."