The retreat

When facing a personal crossroads, how do you decide which route would lead to a more fulfilling life?

The Crossroads signOn a Crossroads Retreat you will be encouraged, through a guided process, to reflect on where you are, identify your own uniqueness, decide what you really want and create a plan to move forward – all in a secure and peaceful environment. The next available dates are shown in the box on the right. Book a place on a retreat HERE

Our desire is that you make good choices at your current crossroads and have more confidence in handling such situations in the future.

The benefits of attending a Crossroads retreat:

  • ‘time out’ to address personal issues in a safe environment
  • space to reflect along with others who are also at a crossroads
  • enables you to explore your story and discern your unique gifts
  • trained guides to support you during your retreat
  • equips you to move forward with confidence and a renewed sense of purpose
  • material to help with your ongoing journey once you are home

It is not a silent retreat, although the programme includes times of quiet and space for you to reflect on your own experience. At other times, we work as a whole group or in groups of two or three.

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