Walk with it

Step 2

Go for a walk, taking your journal or ‘map’ with you.  We recommend around 30-40 minutes for this.

Walk slowly, and for a while think about your experience of 2013 in light of where you are in your life right now.

Then deliberately put all this to one side in your mind and begin to look around you as you walk.

Keep your pace slow and feel each step as your foot touches the earth.

Notice the things you pass.

Experience your surroundings through your five senses.

  • See the light, the plants, the people, the trees, the cars …
  • Hear the birdsong, people talking, vans reversing, the wind in the trees …
  • Touch the wall, the gate, the fence – notice the textures and temperatures …
  • Smell the air, the grass, the dampness, the exhaust fumes, the cooking smells …
  • Taste whatever is practical for you to taste – the air at least!

If anything strikes you or seems particularly to connect with you, jot it down in your journal.

day 2 - tree and berries  day 2 - sky  day 2 - wall 


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